When we started we made a promise to use 100% of public donations to fund the cause directly. Our operating expenses would be taken care of another way. WE promise that every dollar donated will make it to the ground where the real change is happening. Even down to every credit card fee from online donations will be covered as apart of our 100% promise (if you give a $100 donation and a $3 transaction fee is taken from that amount Divinus will credit back that $3 to our donation fund to make sure it is a true $100 donation).

You may ask how we can make this kind of promise? We rely on private donors to fund everything from staff to pens and paper. These private donors are irreplaceable because it is their commitment and investment that makes what we do possible. It is because of these investments into our mission that we are able to make the 100% promise that all public donations will directly be used for our projects and mission. If this sounds like something you might be interested in please contact us to get more information.